The Turf Center is your source for lawn and garden supplies. Along with 50 years of combined expert experience in lawn and garden issues. We stock a wide array of seed, fertilizer, and plant protection products. Ag Plus Turf Center also carries a large selection of bird feed, food plot seed for deer, and many other products for wildlife.

            Our staff takes great pride in serving as the premier professional answer center for all of your lawn care questions. Our trained staff members are always happy to share their vast knowledge and experiences so that you can make informed decisions and achieve optimal results. We pride ourselves on superior customer service and fair prices.


          The Turf Center can also supply you with pond care products and information to help with your aquatic needs. Please feel free to stop and see us at the New Haven Ag Plus Turf Center or call us at 260-749-5139 or 800-448-3965.