Here at Ag Plus we provide you with 2 drive-thru locations that provide bagged livestock, poultry and pet feeds. Our team of feed professionals have experience that touches every aspect of the livestock industry. Customers rely on this expertise to provide the best solutions for their specific needs.

       By partnering with a neighboring co-op, we ensure Ag Plus will be capable of efficiently producing large volumes of feed and serve customers beyond the general vicinity of our mills. With having our Synergy Feeds location here in South Whitley and the second mill being built over in Edgerton we will be able to provide our livestock producers efficiently for many years to come.



      No matter what size operation you may have, from pet owner and hobby farmer to commercial livestock, Ag Plus can meet your needs. From bagged products to semi-loads of bulk feed, we are dedicated to providing you the feed you need to meet your animal’s nutritional requirements. Be sure to contact us at Raber, Churubusco, or Synergy Feeds for your livestock feed needs.

Special Orders

If you see an item you would like to have on one of the feed provider's websites but Ag Plus currently doesn't have on hand, be sure to contact your local Ag Plus location and talk to them about putting in a custom feed order for you.

Raber Ag Center (260)-244-3239
 Churubusco Ag Center (260)-693-9384 
 New Haven Turf Center   (260)-749-2749
 Synergy Feeds