Agronomy Equipment 

To do the best job possible, you need the right people, the right equipment, and the right products.  We pride ourselves on utilizing cutting-edge technology to save you money and boost your yields. 

Listed below is just some of the equipment that enables Ag Plus to serve you better.

  • Variable Rate Floater Applicator
  • High Clearance Spreaders and Sprayers
  • Pull Type Dry Fertilizer Spreaders
  • Rental
    • Tool Bar & Tanks for Anhydrous Ammonia 
    • UAN 28% Pull Type Applicators and Tool Bar
    • Liquid Fertilizer Nurse Tank 







Ag Plus's agronomy team works out of four locations; South Whitley, Raber, Churubusco, and Woodburn. Each location offers several services to you: 

  • Variable Rate Fertilizer Application
  • Fungicide, Herbicide, and Insecticide Application
  • Packaged and Bulk Chemical Sales


When you call on Ag Plus's services you can be sure you are getting the highest quality people with plenty of experience to serve you.  Our operators are a model of efficiency and hard work. At South Whitley alone, our three full time men combine over 54 years of experience.


Stop in at your local Ag Plus branch and let us go to work for you!